Scientists say Washington can exceed targets in proposed Clean Fuels Program

January 11, 2019 by chandan.kumar

(Source: Union of concerned scientists) The state legislature is soon expected to consider a bill modeled on last year’s House Bill 2338 that would require petroleum refineries and fuel importers to reduce the average carbon intensity of the fuels they sell in Washington by 10 percent of 2017 levels by 2028. Similar programs exist in California and Oregon. Refineries and fuel importers could reduce carbon intensity by either blending low-carbon biofuels into the gasoline or diesel they sell, or by purchasing credits generated by providers of lower-carbon fuels, including electricity, renewable diesel and renewable natural gas.

“When you think about transportation fuel, you don’t typically think of electricity,” said Jeremy Martin, director of fuels policy at UCS. “But actually, this analysis found that powering plug-in vehicles with electricity is the most significant thing you can do to clean up the fuel supply.” Read full article….

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