Quebec makes $215M in first cap-and-trade auction since Ontario scrapped program

August 22, 2018 by Emily Jackson

(Source: CTV News) The Quebec government says it raised about $215 million in revenue for its Green Fund in the first cap-and-trade greenhouse gas emission credits auction since Ontario bowed out in the spring. Results from the Aug. 14th joint Quebec-California auction released Tuesday show that all 79 million available current vintage emission units were sold for $19.77 each and all 9.4 million 2021 future units were sold for $19.57. By comparison, in the May auction that included Ontario, 90.6 million current emission units were sold at $18.72 and six million future emission units sold for $18.56. (An emission unit is the equivalent of one tonne of carbon dioxide.) The earlier sale generated about $190 million for Quebec. Read full article

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