Polluting ship fuel to be banned in Arctic; shipping emissions to be halved

April 16, 2018 by CaliforniaCarbon.info

(Source:Brinkwire) An international body that regulates worldwide shipping has agreed to stop the use of a highly polluting fuel in the Arctic.But the International Maritime Organization will wait to implement a ban on heavy fuel oil until its impact on northern communities is complete, a caveat inserted at Canada’s request.The organization will “develop a ban on (heavy fuel oil) for use and carriage as fuel by ships in Arctic waters, on an appropriate time scale,” said a spokesman for the United Nations-sponsored group from London, where meetings were taking place.The organization also passed a proposal to force the shipping industry to cut its emissions in half by the middle of the century.Heavy fuel oil, called by some the dirtiest fuel on the planet, presents major spill concerns.“On land, it is considered hazardous waste,” said Kendra Ulrich of Stand.Earth, who was in London to observe the meetings. Read full article…

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