Ontario’s climate change funding under review, federal government says

July 5, 2018 by Emily Jackson

(Source: iPolitics) The federal government is interpreting Ontario’s cancellation of its cap-and-trade program as equivalent to withdrawing from the national climate change framework — and is reconsidering more than $400 million in funding as a result. A spokeswoman for Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the $420 million earmarked for Ontario under the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund is under review, since funding is contingent on agreeing to the framework, which includes imposing a carbon price. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has rescinded the previous Liberal government’s regulation that established the cap-and-trade program in 2017, withdrawing from an arrangement with Quebec and California that established a joint carbon market to buy and sell pollution credits. As a result, Canada has hit the brakes on Ontario’s portion of the $1.4-billion climate change fund. Read full article

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