Offset Scorecard: Over 275K credits issued to 7 projects in April’s last issuance

April 26, 2018 by Ronjoy Bezbarua

A comparatively low volume of 275K CCOs were approved by ARB in the latest issuance. A majority of the credits (to the tune of 137K) came from an ODS project while the remainder came from 6 livestock projects. The lower number of credits issued this week, however, did not significantly reduce the still large issuance backlog of Registry Offset Credits awaiting ARB’s approval, which now has increased to 32.4 million owing to several projects being awarded a large number of ROCs. However, this is still a more improved situation as compared to two months back.

Close to half of this week’s credits were issued to Tradewater ODS 10 (ACR401) ODS project which was issued over 137K credits. It is based in Ohio. ODS projects remain the second highest contributor to the overall offset credit supply.

The remaining 138.2K credits were issued to 6 livestock projects. Maas Energy Works’s Verwey Hanford Dairy Digester (CAR1265) and Open Sky Ranch Dairy Digester (CAR1178) were the second and third highest grossing project of the week, respectively, receiving 49.5K and 22.6K credits from their first reporting periods. Over 30.9K credits were accrued by Camco International Group’s West River Farm Anaerobic Digester Project (CAR1126) and District 45 Dairy (CAR1127) altogether. Blue Mountain Biogas (CAR997) received over 21K credits while Ag Methane Advisors’s Holsum Elm Dairy (CAR1153) received over 13.5 credits.

Over 168K CCO8s underwent conversion to lower risk CCO3s for the week from 3 projects. Alpental Energy Partners’s Blue Mountain Biogas (CAR997) saw a transition of over 83K credits from its 3rd and 4th reporting periods. Camco International Group’s District 45 Dairy (CAR1127) and West River Farm Anaerobic Digester Project (CAR1126) saw a conversion of over 44.3K credits altogether from their second reporting periods.


ARB’s next issuance will take place on 9th May


Ronjoy Bezbarua (ronjoy.bezbarua@californiacarbon.info)

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