Nova Scotia sets the stage for its cap and trade regime, with targets to come

October 7, 2017 by Ronjoy Bezbarua

(Source: National Post) Nova Scotia tabled legislation Friday that sets the stage for its promised cap and trade regime, although specific details on the regulations and the effect on consumers are yet to be known. Premier Stephen McNeil’s government opted for a cap and trade system last November as part of Ottawa’s push to get the provinces to set a price on carbon. It came out of an agreement that saw the federal government recognize work that Nova Scotia has already done on greenhouse gas reductions. The province has already met Canada’s target of a 30 per cent reduction in emissions from 2005 by 2030. McNeil said the goal of the system being set up in his province is to achieve targets for further greenhouse gas reductions with minimal impact to consumers, although he couldn’t say what the ultimate cost to their pocketbooks would be when it comes to things like buying gasoline for vehicles. Read full article….

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