NAB launches world’s first mixed green building bond

February 12, 2018 by CaliforniaCarbon.info

(Source:The Sydney Morning Herald) The National Australia Bank has launched a $2 billion mortgage-backed bond that features a climate-conscious component, marking a world first in mixed bonds.The residential mortgage-back securities (RMBS) – a bundling of mortgages that are sold as a package by a bank to investors – also includes Australia’s first ever Climate Bond Certified green component, comprising $300 million of NAB mortgages for low-carbon buildings which meet the Climate Bonds Standard Criteria.Green bonds, also known as climate bonds, are a segment of financial instruments issued by companies looking to demonstrate their ethical and social responsibility credentials through their investments.”Green bonds allow an issuer to demonstrate they are proactively preparing for the long-term challenges of global warming,” HSBC’s Greater China chief executive Helen Wong said.Read full article…

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