Despite climate pledges, China struggles to break coal habit

October 23, 2018 by Emily Jackson

(Source: CNBC News) In a former mining district in eastern China, authorities have shut dozens of pits and invested billions of yuan to resculpt the broken landscape, creating gardens, forest walks and wetland parks, as well as a small museum dedicated to coal. “There were many villages specializing in running coal mines and when the mines were shut down we lost around four-fifths of our income – we were under huge economic pressure,” said Meng Qinqxi, a senior Communist Party official in Mazhuang, a village on the outskirts of the heavy industrial city of Xuzhou. “This problem is not ours alone… but a national policy, and no one can resist it.” Xuzhou, in the Yangtze River delta manufacturing hub of Jiangsu, shut its coal pits a decade ago after 130 years of mining, one of many districts to stop producing the filthiest of fossil fuels in line with central government directives. Read full article

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