Cancelling Cap And Trade Affects Windsor Bike Lane Projects

July 12, 2018 by Emily Jackson

(Source: Blackburn News) The sudden cancellation of Ontario’s Cap and Trade program has taken City of Windsor officials off guard as they evaluate the impact on projects. The province cancelled the program effective July 3. The impact at school boards has been felt immediately with the loss of $2.5-million for the Greater Essex County District School Board, and $840,000 for the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board.City Engineer Mark Winterton says his department is evaluating the impact of losing that “couple hundred thousand dollars” and will have a report for city council soon.“With things moving fairly quickly with the provincial government, we really don’t know exactly what that impact is until the dust settles,” says Winterton. “It’s something that’s left us scrambling a little bit, but we kind of knew because Mr Ford announced what his platform was.” Read full article

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